Teen Patti Strategies

Do not get into your game unprepared. Teen Patti is a simple and fun game so you may wrongfully assume that there is no need to be prepared. Like with any other game, you need to be ready. Whether you are playing for money or for fun, you probably have the desire to win. The game is already interesting but winning makes it better. The most obvious strategy is to know the variation of Teen Patti you are going to play. Just because you have experience in one variation does not mean you are going to be great in the next. Do not bet on variations that you do not understand. The following are other tips to help you win.

Play With Free Chips

Teen Patti gives plenty of free chips for both beginners and experienced players. Take advantage of them to make money without risking your own. Free chips do not only give you the chance to win free money. They also give you a chance to practice. Both beginners and experienced players need to practice. Practicing will improve your chances of winning when you finally stake your own money.

Use The Sideshow Option

In the sideshow option, you can ask the player who played just before you to show you their cards. Compare the strengths of your card combinations and determine who has a stronger one. The player with a weaker combination must fold. Sideshow makes it possible to opt out of a game if the chances of winning are low.

Be Alert

Pay attention to your opponents. Notice their patterns and expressions. Your ability to read opponents may increase your chances of winning. Many players, especially new ones, do not know how to hide their emotions. Take advantage of that fact. Keep your own expressions neutral even when you think you are losing. The best players are those that are difficult to read.

Start Slow

Do not place a big be at the beginning of the game. Take your time to get the good cards that improve your chances of winning big. If you place a big bet right from the beginning, players with weak cards will fold early. That way, you will only make a small amount of money from the pot.


Do not overestimate your luck. Packing is one of the things that successful players of Teen Patti understand. You need to learn how to pick your moments. When you have a small chance of winning, it is wise to pack and wait for a better round. Always observe your cards carefully before you bet to void losing your money.

Keep Trying

It is always a good idea to have your limits right from the beginning of a game. However, you should not give up just because you lost a few rounds. You may find yourself in a situation where you only get weak cards. It can be disheartening but keep trying. Play with bonus points and free chips until you finally get the good cards. You may also change your table.

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